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The Gnostic Movement was a spiritual school teaching the Gnosticism of Samael Aun Weor. It was founded in 1999 by author Mark Pritchard (who writes as Belsebuub) and other members of the Universal Christian Gnostic Movement (UCGM) who amalgamated a newly created organization of theirs with the UCGM. In 2000 Belsebuub was elected to coordinate it. He used a fresh, innovative approach to make ancient mystical knowledge accessible and relevant in the modern age, including a pioneering use of the Internet to deliver his online courses to introduce people to Gnosis. The Gnostic Movement was the largest Gnostic organization in the western world; over 90,000 people attended its courses online and in nearly 20 study groups across the world. Read the story

Free Courses

Free Courses

We ran courses online and in person, structured practically to encourage personal spiritual experience and exploration of Gnosis. read more

Books and DVD

Books & DVD

These works explained spiritual information clearly and accessibly and the books and texts provided the basis of what we studied. read more


Centers & Groups

We established centers and groups in various cities around the world where people could meet, study, and take our courses. read more



Our retreat gatherings were opportunities to delve into spiritual topics and practices with others in peaceful natural settings. read more

Secret Quest Documentary Series

In Secret Quest: A Three-Part Series on the Christian Gnostics, modern Gnostics examine the history and teachings of ancient Gnostics and explain their relevance to modern Gnosticism. Produced in-house by The Gnostic Movement, the series reveals how hidden spiritual knowledge – Gnosis – was sought throughout time and expressed in different ways. It explores the wisdom found in the rediscovered Christian Gnostic Gospels and texts, some with secret teachings of Jesus, and shows how it corresponds to modern teachings of gnosis as studied in The Gnostic Movement. View the full series here.

Popular Free Nine-Week Courses The Gnostic Movement Offered

Astral Travel courseAstral Travel & Dreams

This was the first free comprehensive astral travel training course on the web. Tens of thousands took it online or in person, and it helped more than 67% of participants to have an out-of-body experience… read more

Esoteric Wisdom courseEsoteric Wisdom

This course unveiled a universal process of spiritual transformation that’s been encoded in sacred scriptures and mythology throughout time, providing the guidance, methods and know-how to undertake it personally… read more

Self-Knowledge courseSelf-Knowledge

The self-knowledge course provided clear step-by-step guidance on how to explore and understand human psychology firsthand and activate the spiritual perception of consciousness through awareness… read more

Advanced Practice courseAdvanced Practice

This was a hands-on course dedicated to exploring how to practice the spiritual exercises learned in previous courses effectively, to bring about mystical experiences as a preparation for the path to enlightenment… read more


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